NAME: Smack
AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: Artist, nonsensicalist, Pepsi connoisseur
ABOUT: The man the whole story revolves around. I guess dude's got a BIG ego (no Kanye). An aspiring artist who's vivid imagination fuels his almost ridiculous actions. A constant daydreamer, Smack tends to baffle everyone around him, friends included.

PLAYIN' IN HIS iPOD: J. Dilla - Donuts; Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt; Big Sean - UKNOWBIGSEAN

NAME: Guardian Angel (aka AngelSmack)
AGE: He's an angel. He's already dead.
OCCUPATION: Seriously, by the name can't you tell. But he is an occasional hoerunner.
ABOUT: No one knows much about AngelSmack. He's been by Smack's side since he was an infant but has only made his presence known at the start of the College Years. Although he's sent on official orders from the Big Guy above, he isn't without his "sinful" moments. Like parading around with a sack of condoms on New Years Eve '08.

PLAYIN' IN HIS iPOD: Anything Uncle Luke and Snoop Dogg. Oh and some Mary Mary (because they could get it AND they're heavenly).

NAME: B. Ketchum
AGE: 25
OCCUPATION: Journalist, Hip-Hop Egghead.
ABOUT: Good friend to Smack and fellow "Crew" member, Ketchum proves to be the level minded friend of Smack. Always trying to show him the ropes and give him advice, he isn't shocked when it goes over the ADD-riddled Smack's mind. I mean, he does blame himself and his incredible connections because it possibly was the reason Smack was able to kidnap Lil' Wayne in the first place. Ah well, that just means Ketchum's got another something awesome to write about.

PLAYIN' IN HIS iPOD: Anything with great lyricial prowess and fantastical beatmaking. Nothing Linkin Park tho. NOTHING!

NAME: M. Selby (or Solomon)
AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: Knower of the law and even a lawyer sometimes.
ABOUT: Sometimes known as the "Wild Card" and the "Ladies' Man" of "The Crew," no one knows what to expect of Selby. In one minute, he's talking his way out of a speeding ticket with his knowledge of all things law, and the next he's popping Circo bottles on unsuspecting white girls. The man is an enigma. An enigma Smack and Ketchum are proud to call their friend. That and the man's got money hidden everywhere. What's that under your hat? Oh, it's another one of Selby's $100s. You might wanna give that back.

PLAYIN' IN HIS iPOD: Anything that speaks to the soul...and to these unknowing girls smirking at him.

NAME: Brittany (aka Britt-Britt)
AGE: Nunya
OCCUPATION: Web designer, part time superhero murker
ABOUT: Spunky, smart, beautiful, and dangerous as hell. The heiress to Smack's buddy affection is all about sticking up for her friends, especially if they're kidnpaped by copyrighted superheroes. So don't be fooled by the sexy looks, she's a tough cookie. Oh, and she now has Lil' Wayne locked up in a cage in her bedroom. 'Nuff said.

PLAYIN' IN HER iPOD: The DeWayne Carter collection